A solution for the Sahara based on dialogue, tolerance and peace

International Group in Support of Peace and Sahrawi Reunification


The Steering Group of the International Group Support for Saharawi Reunification is composed of the following personalities

Spokesperson: Pedro Ignacio Altamirano (Spain) – Computer, editor, international relations,

Antonio José Rodrigues (Portugal) – International Environment Technician

Dmitry Xañaopob (Russia) – International economic and diplomatic relations

Antonio José Rodrigues (Portugal) – International Environment Technician

Judit Segarra (Spain) – Professor University Berlin (Germany)

Agueda Encarnación Rodríguez (Spain) – Arabist and relations with UNESCO

David Hubert Gourzong (Costa Rica) – Deputy at the National Assembly of Costa Rica

Abdul Basith Pattinathar (United Kingdom) – International Ambassador Croydon, UK

Celso Deucher (Brazil) – Entrepreneur and social activist for peace

Francisco Granados Romero (Spain) – Lawyer and human rights activist

Fahad Al-Mutairi (Kuwait) – Entrepreneur and international relations